Online Learning and Teaching

What do we do?

We offer innovative products and services for the education and business sector.

My e-Learning

We offer platforms for teachers
and independent instructors.


We advise on every stage of the process
of building your e-Learning platform.

Mobile Learning

We build apps to meet
the new demand for mobile learning.

Virtual Tours 2D

We build 2D virtual tours adapted
to the classrooms of the future.

Online Events

We organize virtual events for companies and educational institutions.

We attend your requirements

We configure your platform e-Learning according to your possibilities and needs: education sector or company.


Solutions for Online Learning and Teaching

How to test the products and services we offer?

Use the links provided in THIS IS APPTONOMOUS.

How to request pricing information?

You can send us an email to info@apptonomous.net or visit https//apptonomous.net/contact-us/.

Can I request a product or service for a docent?

Yes, if you are a member of the Public Education System that wishes to teach knowledge independently, we offer you our special plan for entrepreneurial teachers, professors, or instructors. The platform will be configured just for you.

Can I order a product or service for an organization?

Yes, our products and services can be used to impart knowledge in schools, universities, non-governmental organizations, and businesses.

We are Apptonomous

Apptonomous brings together a team dedicated to research, experimentation, dissemination and development of new applications and devices with a high potential for educational action.

Apptonomous is a private company dedicated to the construction of applications and platforms oriented to E-Learning and hybrid learning (face-to-face and virtual).

We also promote synergy between various organizations worldwide, private and public, to promote proposals that contribute to the positioning and development of human beings, who seek tools that allow them to generate opportunities for professional improvement as well as their own entrepreneurship.