Online Learning and Teaching


To offer innovative products and services for the education and business sector.

We are Apptonomous

Apptonomous is a space dedicated to research, experimentation, and dissemination of new interactions between humans and social machines. We intend to analyze and understand the new forms of socialization that are emerging in the Social Web of Things (SWoT / WoT).

We encourage the symbiosis that exists between the cyber world and the physical world of things interconnected through the Internet of Things (IoT) and super-intelligent technologies.

We try to generate bridges between the current state of the Social Web and the hyper world in which we will be immersed in the coming years.

We promote the conception and creation of cognitive devices, especially those with a high potential for educational action.

My e-Learning

We offer platforms for teachers and independent instructors.


We advise on every stage of the process of building your e-Learning platform.

Mobile Learning

We build apps to meet the new demand for mobile learning.

We attend your requirements

We configure your platform
e-Learning according to your economic possibilities and needs: education sector or company.


Solutions for Online Learning and Teaching

WebSabizConexioConexio-LabEducamedia-LabMasterclass Conexio

Sharing knowledge

Developer: Apptonomous LLC

Websabiz is a product of our company Apptonomous LLC. Our teamwork is conformed by professionals with experience in the area of e-Learning, Business, Programming, Economics, and Education. Through Websabiz, we want to promote the philosophy of our brand.

Distributing content

Developer: Apptonomous LLC

Conexio is a product of our company Apptonomous LLC. It is a new generation platform that can be used by – users from any part of the world – to provide training through e-Learning and b-Learning modalities with video conference included.

Create interactive content

Developer: Apptonomous LLC

Conexio-Lab is another product of our company Apptonomous LLC. It is an additional product of Conexio through which registered instructors can generate highly interactive content that can then be embedded in any lesson of the courses published by such instructors.

Disseminate information

Developer: Apptonomous LLC

EducamediaLab is a special product of our company Apptonomous LLC. Through this, we intend to disseminate information related to the contents included in the different products of Apptonomous LLC.

Just your Classes

Developer: Apptonomous LLC

Masterclass Conexio is created for people who want their own school. In this place, you can find only your contents and the possibility to customize your homepage and logo, give Live Classes, assign Quizzes and assignments. People do not need to publish a course. We know that a course requires time and resources. If you are ready to teach with your Live Classes, come to Masterclass Conexio.
Through this, we pretend our users can build their own schools.




Actions completed

How to test the products and services we offer?

Use the links provided in THIS IS APPTONOMOUS.

How to request pricing information?

You can send us an email to info@apptonomous.net or visit https//apptonomous.net/contact-us/.

Can I request a product or service for a docent?

Yes, if you are a member of the Public Education System that wishes to teach knowledge independently, we offer you our special plan for entrepreneurial teachers, professors, or instructors. The platform will be configured just for you.

Can I order a product or service for an organization?

Yes, our products and services can be used to impart knowledge in schools, universities, non-governmental organizations, and businesses.


Offering platforms like Websabiz!

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