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Who we are?

Apptonomous started as a company oriented to the e-learning environment since COVID came to introduce the virtual learning process. However, our main goal has been to serve and help the people and companies. Today, our team has grown and brought in new lines of business where we are confident we could add value.

Today, we merge as a Consulting company, organized into Unit Businesses to serve different lines such as Procurement Services Management, Development of e-learning platforms, and HR Global Mobility Services.

Each Unit is staffed by professionals with extensive experience in those business areas, focused on customer service, and trust services.

Procurement Apptonomous

Procurement Management Service

We offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at optimizing an organization's procurement processes, reducing costs, managing risks, and ensuring the procurement function aligns with the organization's strategic goals. These services are particularly valuable for businesses looking to enhance their supply chain operations and achieve competitive advantages in a global marketplace.


We advise on every stage of the process
of building your e-Learning platform.

Apptonomous brings together a team dedicated to research, experimentation, dissemination and development of new applications and devices with a high potential for educational action

Apptonomous Consulting Global Mobility

HR Global Mobility

HR Global Mobility services are a comprehensive set of support functions aimed at facilitating the smooth movement of employees across borders while ensuring compliance with legal, tax, and cultural aspects. These services are essential for multinational companies looking to effectively manage their global workforce and leverage talent from around the world.

Apptonomous Consulting

We are a consulting company related to procurement services, HR Global mobility, and E-learning. We help our clients improve their performance and achieve their goals by providing them with expert advice and solutions in the following areas:

  • Procurement services: This involves helping clients optimize their purchasing processes, reduce costs, manage risks, and enhance value from their suppliers.
  • Consulting HR Global mobility: This entails assisting clients with the planning, implementation, and management of their global workforce mobility programs, such as relocation, immigration, and taxation.
  • E-learning: developing and delivering online learning solutions for our clients, such as courses, modules, platforms, and assessments.